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Theatre Makers Discussion assignment at an affordable cost


As we move into a month of people marching all over the country for deep and systemic change to the criminal justice system and policing all the way to the professional theatre. Take a look at this petition and movement happening.

This Playbill article has several links to more coverage on the efforts to decolonize the creative space, the community of theatres in response BLM, etc. Please explore and read some of them.

As we cultivate our understanding of the historical importance of theatre to act as a cohesive for society, how does it fail in its duty reading about this movement? As we learn what it is to be an active audience member and even developing an awareness of our voice as theatre critic, it is also essential to evaluate who we are, our set of values, or morals.

What has been your experience with the professional theatre world, if any? If you have never been to the theatre, think about culture as represented by Hollywood: Do you find yourself reflected or overlooked in the overculture? If yes, why? If no, explain why not? The Wee See You WAT petition directly accuses that the professional theatre of abandoning BIPOC communities and programming for mostly white audiences. As we think of ways to imagine so many sectors of society with a more equitable lens, how do theatres court new audiences? What is their responsibility as culture makers? Can they gain trust back? What kind of outreach, programming, etc would you recommend to make theatre accessible to BIPOC, or people your age, or LGBTQ+, or people with disabilities?

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