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Time I miss the bus

Instructionsi wanted to write a essay about how i miss the bus and had to go tell my mom but like even more dramatic.(the professors instruction)
Use Freytag’s triangle (as defined in this class) as a framework to tell a story from your life. DO 
NOT TELL YOUR ENTIRE LIFE STORY. Instead, describe an episode or event from your life that takes place over a relatively short time period: a moment, an hour, a day, a few weeks, 
maybe even a few months. If you go beyond that, it’s too much! Try to keep the event as contained as possible.

Make sure your essay contains each of the following things:
1. Exposition (setting). Who, when, where, what. 
2. Conflict. Take the setting and inject some sort of conflict.
3. Rising Action. Make the conflict more intense or dangerous to the protagonist. Build up the 
tension until…
4. Climax. Your conflict reaches a boiling point and some sort of climactic moment or event 
5. Resolution. What is different as a result of the climax? What has changed? What has the 
narrator learned or realized?  Make sure the change not just physical or situational, but 
mental/emotional/ psychological.
Pay attention to the examples we will read! Look at how different people tell their stories.

Sources: You will need three sources that use blended quotes, and somehow add to your narrative. These sources can be (almost) anything, as long as they make sense in terms of your story, and as long as they are documented and formatted correctly.


            According to Abraham Lincoln, a “house divided against itself cannot stand” (Philbrick 24). These thoughts were in my mind as I left the house that day….

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