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Title: My OD Intervention Project


Prepare a report indicating the entry process. In your report, address the following prompts:

  • When you enter the organization as an external consultant, justify whether you will use a problem-oriented or a development-oriented diagnosis for this project.
  • Justify how you will determine the organization’s readiness for change.
  • On the basis of your chosen diagnosis approach from the first bullet point, assess the organizational issue that is the target for change. Be sure to focus on root causes and not just symptoms. What will be the appropriate organizational level to initiate the change? (State the real issue for a real organization and create a realistic issue for a hypothetical one.)
  • Propose when you will give the organization feedback about the change you implement. How will you include feedback about how well the change is working in your action plan? What will that feedback be? Will you develop a survey to assess the effectiveness of the change, or will you use company reports that already exist or may need to be altered to gather pertinent information?
  • Justify the methods to diagnose and to determine the readiness for change.
  • Assess the organizational issue to target for change and the appropriate level to initiate the change.
  • Propose the feedback process.

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