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Travel documentary by VPRO Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Discussion Forum Instructions:
STEP 1: Watch the documentary.
STEP 2: Post a minimum of three principles from the class and how they are depicted/explained in the documentary. Cite the concept and source (which chapter).

Use this format which is easy to read and grade. 
For example…….do not just use these principles, use what resonates with you: 
1. a) Principle #1 – Greenwashers, Chapter 13……explanation here….
    b) Principle #2 – Pull Factor, Chapter 2….explanation here….
    c) Principle #3 –  xxxxx2. List your top two takeaways from this documentary.

STEP 3: Post your two take aways from the documentary. Use the format: Takeaway #1…..Takeaway #2. For example….the key points of the documentary that you remember, something new to you, a practice that you will start doing as a traveler.
STEP 4: Post a suggestion for the future of travel & tourism? Be specific about what you are referring to -Which country, continent, legislation, nature, air travel, food service, lodging and so on. Use the heading – Suggestion.

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