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TREATMENT PLAN- SOCIAL WORK Assignment at an Affordable Cost


15% of final grade

This is a summary of your 8-session treatment plan for the client. Based on your cognitive formulation, you detail, session-by-session, what issues you will address and how in each therapy session. You also detail what in-session assignments you will complete with the client and what homework you will assign for completion and why. You do not need to write 8 separate sessions; you can combine sessions if you feel work on a particular issue will take you more than one session to complete. Begin with at least three (3) Long-term Goals:  For each long term goal, list short-term goals you will address in therapy (3-5). For each goal, provide a paragraph each (three total) that addresses: (a) what situational triggers, automatic thoughts and core beliefs you will address; (b) what in-session homework you will use to address these and why; and (c) what homework you will assign and why. For both in session and homework, make sure you detail the purpose of the assignment. Make sure you tailor your treatment plan to account for issues related to diversity and social justice, prior abuse/neglect, family system stressors, and ethical dilemmas.

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