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Future Trends In Marketing (Capstone Assignment)



The purpose of this assignment is to create a future trends assessment and recommendations for a client. This connects to course learning outcomes of identifying the role of marketing in communicating value for customers and applying the concept of positioning to a product or service. This assignment also connects to prior course learning in the areas of consumer behavior and product positioning. 


Congratulations! You have been promoted to senior marketing analyst at your marketing firm, Destiny Marketing. Your firm has been hired once again by the client company of your selected product/service.  

Your boss, Tiffany Morrow, tells you the client has requested a marketing assessment to answer this intriguing question: “Is our product well positioned for the future?” The company is particularly interested in recommendations regarding future customers and the customer experience in terms of digital technology. 

Your client recently learned that Generation Z is already in the workforce, while the oldest members of Generation Alpha is five years away from that first part time job. It was a wake-up call in terms of who is the customer and what type of experiences the company needs to be offering those future customers.   

You already have knowledge in the areas of consumer behavior and product positioning, so this assignment is perfect for you. You just need to do some reading about future trends.  

Ms. Morrow recently read a book she strongly suggests as a research guide for this assignment. The book, Marketing 5.0: Technology for Humanity (Kotler et al., 2021), is available to you online. She specifically wants you to focus on two chapters which are highly relevant for this client engagement. Those chapters are linked below in Step 2. To make this research applicable to the client’s specific consumer concerns, Ms. Morrow wants you to define “the future” as the next five to 10 years.  

Assignment Task Overview   

You will communicate your results in a professional PowerPoint presentation. The presentation is by Destiny Marketing. The presentation is about your client company. Your title slide should indicate the presentation title, the client company name, firm title, and your name and title. 

Here is a title slide example:   

Is Disney+ well positioned for the Future?  

Prepared for The Walt Disney Company 

Destiny Marketing, Sha’Na O’Neill, Senior Marketing Analyst 

There are three steps to this assignment. Review all steps before you begin.     

Step 1: Refer to the company for the same product/service used for Weeks 2, 4, and 6 assignments. 

Refresh your knowledge of relevant concepts from prior course learning.   

  • Use the same company and product/service you used for Weeks 2, 4, and 6 for this assignment.   
  • Refresh your knowledge of consumer behavior. See the “How Consumers Make Buying Decisions” learning resource from Week 3.
  • Refresh your knowledge of positioning. See the “Positioning and Repositioning Offerings” learning resource from Week 5.
  • Follow the specific instructions outlined in Steps 2 and 3 below.   

Step 2: Respond to each of the following questions as they relate to the company. 

The company is your client.       

  • Format this assignment as a PowerPoint presentation. 
  • Your presentation must be no more than 12 slides (not including title slide, index slide, and references slide).   
  • Respond to all the questions in each section.  
  • Your presentation must meet the research and references requirement in Step 3.  
  • Use bullet points and images to convey meaning where possible instead of blocks of text. 

I. Ready for Future Customers?  

How will your client market this product/service to potential customers in Generations Z and Alpha?  Is your client ready to do so? 

  1. Describe Gen Z in terms of behavioral, demographic, and psychographic characteristics. Chapter 2 Generation Gap in Marketing 5.0
  1. Using words and images, explain your client’s readiness to market this product/service to Gen Z.  What changes would you recommend for the future (5-10 years)? 
  1. Describe Generation Alpha in terms of behavioral, demographic, and psychographic characteristics.  Chapter 2 Generation Gap in Marketing 5.0 
  1. Using words and images, explain your client’s readiness to market this product/service to Gen Alpha. What changes would you recommend for the future (5-10 years)? Be sure to consider all aspects of the marketing mix for this product/service (e.g., product, promotion, distribution, and pricing strategies).   

II. Ready for the Digital Future? 

Kotler et al. (2021) say: “In Marketing 5.0, businesses need to demonstrate to customers that the correct applications of technology may improve human happiness (p. 66).” Is your client using technology to improve human happiness? 

  1. How well do the technologies currently implemented by your client for this product/service address the digital divide? What changes would you recommend for the future (5-10 years)? See Chapter 4 Digital Divide in Marketing 5.0.   
  1. Refer to Figure 4.2, the Technology Compass. Assess your client in the six aspects of the compass Chapter 4 Digital Divide in Marketing 5.0. How well do the technologies currently implemented by your client for this product/service provide personal, social, and experiential customer solutions?  What changes would you recommend for the future (5-10 years)? 

III. Positioning [insert product/service name] for the Future.  

Provide a summary of your assessment and recommendations. 

  1. How well has your company positioned this product/service to market Gen Z and Generation Alpha?   
  1. Make recommendation(s) for how to better position this product/service for marketing to Gen Z and Alpha. 
  1. How well is your company implementing technology for this product/service offering in terms of addressing the digital divide, providing personal, social, and experiential customer solutions? 
  1. Make recommendation(s) for how to better implement technology in this offering to deliver superior customer experience for the future (5-10 years). 

Step 3: Format your submission as a PowerPoint presentation to comply with these requirements.   

Communicate your analysis in a Microsoft PowerPoint document formatted as a professional presentation. This assignment must be 12 slides or less in length, not including title, index, and references slides. See Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations for Marketing 

Research and References Requirement  

  • All statements of fact must be supported by a credible source, and that source must be cited using APA in-text citations. See Is My Source Credible?  
  • Include a slide with a list of your sources in APA format. The reference list slide is required and should appear at the end of the slide deck

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