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Twin and Adoption Studies on Adolescent Growth


Reflective Questions

Hi Students,
Below are your Module 1 Part 3 discussion questions. Please remember to respond to the correct question. In addition to that, it is important for me to highlight my expectations for your responses: BE PRECISE. Avoid giving generic answers. Cite your textbook. I will not remind you every week, but I expect this standard throughout the semester.

If the first letter of your last name begins with:
A-I — Always answer question 1.

J-R — Always answer question 2.

S-Z– Always answer question 3.

1. Using your textbook as a guide, what are the pros and cons of sports participation for adolescents? Name 2 for each. Explain how this relates to your own experiences of sports participation during adolescence.
2. What do the terms “genotype” and “phenotype” refer to? How can you differentiate between the two? Give two examples of each that are NOT in the textbook.
3. Explain what the book means by adolescence being a “critical juncture in health.” In what ways did your adolescence impact your current health behaviors? Give at least 2 examples.

Bonus Question (If you don’t want to answer your question above, you can answer the one below)
How do we use twin and adoption studies to help us understand adolescent development? Then, do your own research on twin or adoption studies and discuss the findings briefly. Make sure you cite your research using proper APA citation. Your research must be a scholarly journal (i.e., NOT from a magazine, website page, etc.).

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