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Understanding Emotional Behavior Disorder Discussion


  1. The following vocabulary and concepts are very important to understand the readings and assignments for this class. Type your answers for A and B by clicking below on the item for submission, your paper will be submitted to SafeAssign. Make sure you write your definitions in your own words, high similarities will not be permitted:
    A. Define the following terms:
    1. Biomedical Factors
    2. Anencephaly
    3. Hydrocephalus
    4. Language Delay
    5. Language Disorder
    6. Phonology
    7. Syntax
    8. Morphology
    9. Semantics
    10. Receptive Language Disorders
    11. Expressive Language Disorders
    12. Aphasia

    B. Read the three questions below… Identify (list) the features, characteristics, and reasons requested as follows:
    1. Identify (list) six Essential Features of the federal definition for Emotional/Behavioral Disorders (EBD)
    2. Identify (list) five General Characteristics of children and youth with EBD
    3. Identify 9List) three reasons why Classification Systems are important to professionals who identify, treat, and educate individuals with EBD

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