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Using Conversion Theory Assignment at an Affordable Cost

Using Conversion Theory on Why College Tuition Should Be Free


For this essay, you are to write an analysis of your persuasive project.  This goes deeper than your brief and sample project that you just completed.  Make sure you consult the CAMPAIGN ANALYSIS rubric to ensure you have met completed each of those metrics.

This should be:

  • in essay (as opposed to bullet) form,
  • maximum 3 pages single spaced but with additional page for 7 or more references (which you should use liberally!),
  • standard 1″ margins and 12 point font.

In the essay, you will provide a detailed  analysis of the public(s) targeted (see criteria in rubric), a situation analysis where you delineate the background, current situation and statement of goal(s) to be achieved, include a description of the theory you are applying AND the conditions necessary for its use to be effective, the GOST statements (Goals, Objectives, Strategies Employed, and Tactics to achieve those strategies), and finally, an evaluation of the campaign (will it work?  Strengths?  Shortcomings?  Areas for improvement?)

This is due no later than December 15 at 11:30am, which is the official examination time.  Earlier submissions are encouraged as I will be having surgery that day.  Grades submitted on the 15th will be reviewed by another professor to make sure my assessments are correct.

You’ve done good work.  Remember that this essay will be rigorously graded so do your best work.

I will attach the annotations my professor said I need to work on, the notes she made, and the rubric as well

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