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VACCINES I am acting as a provaxxer

VACCINES I am acting as a provaxxer but I’am personally neutral


English 110 2063-2172

Argumentative Essay (15% of overall grade)

 “An effective argument makes a well-supported, well-considered point about an issue in an attempt to convince or persuade readers. Convincing involves gaining readers’ agreement that a position on an issue is reasonable and well founded. Persuading involves getting them to take action.” (Palmquist 397)

For this assignment, you will choose a topic based on the 19th century philosopher, William Kingdon Clifford, and “The Ethics of Belief.” Uribe points out that Clifford’s philosophy is perhaps more relevant than ever in our “interconnected, AI-driven, digital age.”  The topics that you can choose are wide and varied. I only ask that it somehow fit into Clifford’s philosophy.

A successful argument requires that you

1. Take an explicit position. While the use of qualifying words such as “many,” “some,” or “maybe” is acceptable, an explicit position is often easier to argue and will not confuse your reader.

2. Respond to what others have said or done. This is your counterargument.

3. Provide your reader with the appropriate background information.

4.  Give a clear indication of why this topic matters.

5. As always, provide good reasons and evidence.

Argumentative Essay Criteria

4-6 pages with MLA formatting

Minimum 3 sources – Because we are discussing the ethics of belief, please make sure that your sources are credible.

Essays which receive an “A” must contain the following:

An explicitly stated thesis which shares the position the author will take

A contribution to a larger conversation related to “The Ethics of Belief”

An engaging introduction which captures the readers’ attention

Background information about the subject if needed

An authoritative and reasonable tone which is appropriate to your audience and purpose

Ample reasons and evidence to support your position

Trustworthy sources with quotations, summaries, and paraphrases smoothly integrated into the text.

(A) skillfully addressed counterargument(s)

Easy-to-follow organizational pattern with clear transitions

Appropriate style (diction, syntax, level of formality) for the intended audience

A decisive and satisfying conclusion

Remember that your reader, even if they don’t agree with you, should consider your argument plausible.

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