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Validate and Embrace Spiritual Perspectives Paper


this week, you will compose a brief paper that provides you with a deeper sense of competency in a religion, spiritual practice, or religious belief that you are not very familiar with. You will be provided a platform to discuss your own religious or spiritual sense of self, and consider how you might integrate spirituality into your work as a therapist.

Be sure your paper includes  the following:

  1. A brief discussion (1-2 pages) on religion, religious practice, or spiritual practice or belief that you were not familiar with before. You can present an entire religion or denomination of one religion (some examples: Orthodox Judaism, Pentecostal Christian, Vaishnavism, Animism, Santeria, Spiritism, etc.) Or, you can pick a specific ritual (e.g., Okuri, Batmistfah, Shamanism, Shahada, Hajj, Communion, etc.).

Note: Feel free to explore unique perspectives or search religions in areas of the world you are less familiar with. These listed examples are only a small portion of possible religions and rituals.

Note: References in this section (Section 1 of this assignment) do not need to be journals/academic sources, you can seek out websites or other non-academic sources.

  1. Consider the following questions in your discussion:
    1. How does this religion or ritual express hope?
    2. How is “change” or “healing” associated with this religion or ritual?
    3. How does this religion or ritual present health? (Or, mental health?)
  2. A reflection on your own beliefs and the connection to this religion or ritual (about a page).
  3. A reflection on ways that you might integrate religion or spirituality into your own clinical work (about a

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