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Valuing Diversity 22 Assignment at an affordable cost


African Americans: From Segregation to Modern Racism and the end of De Jure Segregation;   Native Americans: From Conquest to Tribal Survival…       Summary/Reflect-ion, Chapters 5-7Healey, Chapters 5-6 Deangelo, Chpater 3         Healey, Chapter 7   Video: “Two Nations of Black America,” or other available media     3 page weekly summary/reflection paper for chapters 5-7 and videos. Utilize 1 page per chapter for all summary/reflections. Video summaries should be included in the 2 page reflections.  
                      Reflection 3
Hispanic Americans: Colonization, Immigration…Healey, Chapter 8 Deangelo, Chapter 4 
Asian Americans: Model Minorities?Healey, Chapter 9   Optional: Movie, Memoirs of a Geisha     2 page weekly summary/reflection for chapters 8 and 9.
        Reflection 4
New Americans, Assimilation, and Old ChallengesHealey, Chapter 10   1 page weekly summary/reflection
  Reflection 5
GenderHealey Chapter 11

 And can you please have each reflection by itself please and thank you Be sure to follow the instructions. Videos and readings should be referenced, substantively.

Weekly summaries are proof that the student has read the chapters and viewed the videos. They should include a personal reflection to the material. These essays should be 12 pt font, 1-3 pages (see weekly requirements above), APA or MLA format. Use subheadings to organize the writing. Connect material to present day trends, policies, etc.

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