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Video and Response Assignment at an Affordable Cost

InstructionsIn practice today most “stock pitches” take the form of live (or recorded video) presentations recapping the 10K Project using Steps 1, 2, and 3 to connect managements’ past activities (as measured by company financial statements) and strategic future plans to the intrinsic value of company stock. This summary becomes the argument for under or over intrinsic valuation relative to the price at which the stock is trading in the market and ultimately a buy, hold, or sell recommendation. Create your stock pitch using the “Insert Audio” feature in PowerPoint software, which is provided free to all JWU students.Be sure to carefully review the full details of your 10k Project to be sure you have covered all aspects of the evaluation, valuation, and final conclusion for the target company.   Submission Requirements:

  • 5 minutes maximum
  • Use power point slides with recorded discussion

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