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Visualization Unconscious Bias & Diversity Questions

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I’m working on a psychology discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

1. Choose one of the following two TedTalks and watch until the indicated timestamp (only about 3 mins). (0-3:33) Valerie Alexander, CEO (0-2:48) Jennefer Witter, CEO2. How does what you watched relate to what you read in Chapter 10?Choose two topics or terms from this chapter that, for you, best relates to the video you watched. Thoroughly define the topics/terms and explain how each one relates to the video you watched. 3. Read the following link pertaining to the Association for Psychological Science State of Race in Research. After reading through the main points of the article tell me why you think it’s important to increase diversity within authors and researchers in social psychology and how does this relate to some of what you have read in chapter 10?

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