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You are the site director for an after school program. In preparation for your staff meeting you will need to:

1. Select a theme for the week.
2. Prepare 3 lesson plans that have activities spanning across multiple days. Attach links, descriptions or directions to the activities so that we understand what the activity is. (Use the lesson plan template provided).

3. Lesson plans should address different key learning areas, age appropriate (state what age), address Florida benchmarks and standards. Incorporate a multi-cultural and anti-bias approach to activities. Refer to Section 3 of the Links to Learning Curriculum Planning Basics.

Post one of your lesson plans as an attachment. In your post share why you chose the theme and how you planned the activities to span over multiple days.

Respond / give feedback to at least one classmate.

Student’s post that needs a response: (plus attached lesson plan from this student)

I did a week of foods from other areas of the world and other cultures. I decided on this idea for a few reasons. My aunt was born in Africa, my grandfather was stationed there in the Army, she lived in Africa until she was in her teens and she loved it. When I was in elementary school she would come to the school one day each grade I was in and bring in some dishes and slides to share. I enjoyed it year after year and the other students did as well. I also decided it would be a good idea as there is more to learn from it than I can even list. By having to do some of the cooking measurements are required and math, there is history of places involved like one day I had planned out, but not on the sheet that is downloaded, is Taco Tuesday, learning that tacos came to the United States in 1905 and how they got introduced here. There obviously will be a lot of learning about how other places are as well as other cultures in general, I thought having a poster board with bright colorful paper cutouts with fun facts, as well as playing some games or sports, that can be the exercise part. The activity I mentioned with pretending to have a budget and needing to get specific items helps with life skills, math, problem solving, plus raises awareness to that some of us daily live on a budget and need to get a list of stuff for what seems like not enough money. Having some decor set up will help the students to get a feel of being there and see how things look where we are learning about. I did think about allergies as well as gluten intolerance. I will assess that and see what if anything is needed to fit everyone’s needs. Also will be sure any children with disabilities can participate and have the full experience safely. I think food brings people together, I feel it would be an overall educational, fun learning experience and great for peer interaction and maybe some youth will have a better understanding of other youth in the program or even in school.

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