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Waste Collection and Recycling Discussion


Topics: SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOAL 11- waste collection and recycling to improve the Sustainability in university

Based on the readings, you will learn to apply Design Thinking approaches through developing, testing and evaluating original proposals in response to project-based problems. You will learn to address real-world problems that will require you to develop new perspectives on key issues of sustainability in order to identify potential business opportunities. You will present your research findings and identified opportunity for a Sustainable Startup. You are pitching the ‘opportunity’ you have identified. This is not yet the time for coming up with ideas for how to it can be addressed, but rather the identification of a potential to address a complex challenge with a unique business offering. Based on the interviews, what opportunities based on these peoples experiences might be worth exploring? (250 words)

As a reminder: You are not trying to solve world issues, you are learning how to go through a human-centred design process. As always, we want to see your process (show your work!) and what you’re learning more than we care about what you “solve.”