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Ways of Working Art Discussion


These five short videos from the PBS documentary series “New York Close Up” by Art21 showcases young artists working in New York, going behind the scenes to talk about their studio practice as well as their goals for their work.

Please view these full screen, as large as possible! If you want more information about this wonderful documentary series, visit Art21: Art in the Twenty-First Century (Links to an external site.) to see many more artists.


  • These four artists work very differently and also have different types of studio practices — whether it be working with others, having a solitary and very internal artistic practice, using humor, or using many different media. Can you see any resonances in your own way of making art reflected in any of their practices? Please share something about your way of working.
  • Rashid Johnson talks about his early career as a young artist. What type of path do you see for yourself as an emerging artist/designer/creator, and what are some of the professional practices questions that are important for you to cover in this class?HOW TO COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT:
  • Video Viewing and Discussions will take the form of an online “Discussion” in which you will be asked to POST on the assigned videos by a certain deadline, and then COMMENT on at least 2 other classmates’ posts 24 hours later. This will function to let the instructor know that you have absorbed the material, and helps prepare for the short discussion that will take place during the next class. By beginning the discussion outside of class, all students can participate and learn more about each other even if they’re not in the same Group.
  • How this works:
  • 1. POSTING: Please share a short response to the videos by the due date. I’ll provide some question prompts to get you started. Include any ideas, epiphanies, and especially questions that may have come up for you. You can write about how this relates to your own way of thinking about art work, or the larger art world in general. What did this text make you think of?
  • Your post should be approximately 1-2 short paragraphs. (1 pt.)
  • 2. COMMENTING: Once you have posted, you will be able to see others’ posts. You have until the assignment closure date to comment/respond to at least 2 of the posts in some way.
  • Each comment you add should be 1-2 sentences long, and up to a short paragraph or more, if it moves you. You may comment on more than 2 posts and you can engage in multiple back-and-forth dialogue — there is no limit as long as you comment on 2 posts. Avoid short meaningless responses like “I agree,” and then just restating the person’s post — make sure you add to the conversation in a further way. Use full sentences. Build on what was previously said and add your perspective. Ask each other questions if you want. Feel free to agree or even disagree, respectfully. (1 pt.)