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Wealth inequality and/or environmental degradation.

How communities are approaching problems of wealth inequality and/or environmental degradation.

Module two will consist of several prongs related to Jane Jacobs’ work specifically on: 

Definition and explanation of the phenomenon of development and further discussions of community expansion, growth and ‘self-refueling. We will see how urban communities find themselves responding to environmental problems and wealth inequality, growing debt, and the erosion of the middle class; an abundance of solid waste that stresses our landfills and the environment at large; the energy crisis; food justice issues and the environmental degradation that results from our manufacturing technologies.

Your essay should be 4-6 pages.  Which uses a ‘frame and case’ form:

In a ‘frame and case’ essay, you examine a number of examples, or instances, according to a “theoretical frame.” The examples are called ‘cases.’

Topic: How communities are approaching problems of wealth inequality and environmental degradation. Best papers will connect these two areas using various examples, or cases.

  • Frames: You must examine Jane Jacobs’ ideas about development and expansion Chapters 2 & 3 AND the ideas of either:
  • Frances Moore Lappe’s “Free Your Eco-Mind”


  • Richard Florida’s “Where the Skills Are.”

These texts will serve as the ‘theoretical frame’. Discuss TWO ‘cases’ from our readings AND ONE new case that you find from your own research.

  • Cases: You can choose cases
    • From required readings
  • from your own sources
  • from my Facebook page “Notes on Economy and Ecology” (REQUIRED READING DUE TO USEFULL INFORMATION)

You will summarize the cases and explain why the “theoretical frame” is important to solving the problems we face in economic and ecological terms.

Use 12-point type, Times New Roman, double-spaced, with 1” margins. Please number all pages. Indent ½” on the first line of paragraphs. Cover page not required, use of a heading at the top of the first page is. At the end of the essay, insert a space, and include the titles of any texts that you referenced in the writing of your essay. Use MLA citing style. Include the primary text, and any secondary resources, including Internet, magazine or journal citations.

Instructionshttps://www.yesmagazine.org/issue/end-corporate-rule/2012/04/20/free-your-eco-mind/ —  This link is Frances Moore Lappe’s “Free Your Eco-Mind” reading. One of the two framing readings.
CASES TO EXPLORE:Food Insecurity and Ecological Sustainability

One Million Gardens. Dr. Vandana Shiva. 2.11 (http://youtu.be/MP_FpLJ5uuI)

Vandana Shiva (Interview).Cooking Up a Story.  (http://youtu.be/vi1FTCzDSck 4:48)

Organoponico! An Agricultural Revolution (Havana Cuba) (https://youtu.be/JIWsxo5nNgg)

“Around the World in 80 Gardens” British Broadcasting Corporation. BBC’s (2008) (search title on YouTube for various countries.)Living a Radically Simple Permaculture Life on 1/4 Acre | Creatures of Place (https://youtu.be/rCRukvZE2Vk)

Grow and Forage for a Year (https://youtu.be/nX4kq4QfYRA)

Edible City – (https://vimeo.com/ediblecity/feature-film)

New York’s Just Food program visits the Soil Association (http://youtu.be/wrRJlLYFV9k) (2:30)

GROWNYC (https://www.grownyc.org)

This Legendary Florida Farm Has Changed The Way We Grow Food (https://youtu.be/1_nNo7adRTQ)

Finance and Debt:

The Thrash Lab. Freeganism: Creative Living Outside of Capitalism (https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2odmyr)

New Economy Coalition (http://neweconomy.net)

Berkshares (https://youtu.be/e7EmvDAHxY8)

Ithaca Hours (https://youtu.be/Jy2nCHX36tI)

Rolling Jubilee (http://youtu.be/1Qs9w1XlJKE)

Climate change and Flood:

“When Houses Float Instead of Flood” https://youtu.be/QJ6tqP0mYrM

“New York is building a wall to hold back the ocean” (https://youtu.be/A9asEJokafM)

“The Dutch Have Solutions to Rising Seas. The World is Watching.” The New York Times  (https://nyti.ms/2touYoz)

How “levee wars” are making floods worse (https://youtu.be/LTv6RkFnelM)Needadegree8 minutes ago

Jane Jacobs’ chapter 2&3 = 1 sourceChoice of 2nd Framing article = 1sourceCase of choice= 1 sourcesFacebook Page “Notes on Economy and Ecology” = 1 sourceOne new case that you find from your own research = 1 source

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