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Websites and Apps for Distance Learning


Websites and Apps for Distance Learning

Most of the technologies we have discussed are for use in the classroom.  However, as we all know, at times, it may be necessary to teach remotely.  Therefore, for this assignment you will explore a few of the websites and apps available for distance learning.  The purpose of this assignment is to identify websites and apps useful for distance learning.

For this assignment you will view a video and annotate the video using Perusall.  This assignment is similar to the Perusall assignment from Week 3 except you are commenting on a video instead of an article.  If you remember, Perusall is a platform that allows students to annotate assigned readings or videos and engage in the material in a style similar to a social media posting. You can write full comments, up vote comments, use hashtags, link URLs to their comments, and use emoticons.

Begin this assignment early in the week.  It is a conversation between you and the other students in your group.  (Groups are randomly assigned by Perusall.)

If you need reminders of how Perusall works and how your annotations will be scored, access the following links:


Assignment Directions:

  1. View the
  2. Identify a minimum of at least 3 takeaways (key points or ideas that you found useful) from the video. 
  3. For each takeaway, comment in the appropriate section of the video and explain why you found it useful and how you can use this information in the future as a teacher.
    • How to add comments to videos in Perusall: When viewing the video, click the “Add comment” button in the upper right corner of the video to pause the video and start a conversation. A yellow dot will appear in the video timeline to show there is a conversation at that point in the timeline.
  4. Respond to comments posted by other students. (Comments are identified with yellow dots in the timeline.)
  5. Continue annotating the entire video throughout the week by adding comments or questions, responding to each other’s comments and questions, up voting comments, etc.

Grades/scores are generated by Perusall based on several factors including not only the quantity but the quality of your comments.

To begin the assignment:

  • Select the “Websites and Apps for Distance Learning” link in the Week 13 Assignments folder in the left navigation to access the assignment in Perusall.

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