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Welcome Home Fun Letters Assignment at an affordable cost

InstructionsMy husband is coming home soon and I wanted to set up this funny welcome home event. I just need someone to proofread and rewrite my sentences so it doesn’t sound like I am dumb. (lol). There are four (4) letters I need proofread: 

Welcome Home Baby! Welcome back to a place where you can choose handcrafted, high quality coffee. Welcome back to a place where you can consume a variety of hot chips and add tabasco sauce to your palate. Welcome home to where you can be fully clothed in designer and have enough boxers to wear one per day without hand washing them in a sink. Welcome back to a place where you can cleanse and moisturize your body properly with your preference of aroma. Welcome back home to an environment where you are loved and cherished by many, by me. Welcome back to me, welcome back to love. I love you, now let’s crack open a shot and get back to us.

Captain: Mr. King, Major Sax and the Congress wanted me to converse with you personally about your reprehensible act. in exchange of this get out of jail free card, your duties will become inactive of any army assignment and you will be discharged permanently. However, we have honored your lively being and have put in a word of recommendation to Marvel and DC, you should join their squad. They would be disappointed if you turn down an upcoming offer. Be well, WMKING122190.

Thanos: William, I wanna devote to you a little life lesson. I see me in you. Just like myself, your greatest weakness will always be yourself. Your insecurities about your own worthiness proves to be your downfall. Use this advantage of knowing your weaknesses to excel in your strength, speed, stamina, durability, and agility, just like me. You got a lot of potential kid, use it righteously.

Batman: Not all superheroes wear capes like me. With that being said, you, William, can make use of your intellect, science and technology to gain the wealth, the cars and bitches (which you shall not invest into) just as I possess.

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