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What happens in sports that effect mental health

Here is the essay topic for your final papers:

  • Starting off from Sears’ and Cairns’ idea that social theory can deepen and enhance our
    own “everyday theorizing”, develop an argument that analyses an aspect of your own
    personal experience today or in the past. Referring directly and substantially to at least 3
    theories / theorists in this course, and drawing upon secondary research where necessary,
    use some of the conceptual tools we’ve developed to “defamiliarize” and reframe your
    understanding of this particular aspect of your life.
    Papers should be 9-10 pages in length (double-spaced, 12-point type, standard margins). The
    majority of the paper should be devoted to developing a clear and focused argument about your
    chosen topic, although a certain amount of background research will be necessary for you to
    take up that topic in an informed manner.
    You should make an effort to use the theories / theorists covered in this course, and to find
    some scholarly sources to support your argument where appropriate. While journalistic and
    internet sources are fine to a certain extent, the majority of your references must come from
    books and articles in scholarly journals. Those who rely heavily on lower-quality internet
    sources (eg. personal blogs, Reddit, Wikipedia), will be assigned a 15% penalty or more. (not
    including journal articles, books and other quality sources accessed online, which are fine)
    While a certain amount of background research (on the theorists you’re using; on the issue
    you’re trying to illuminate) will be required, do not rely excessively upon secondary sources
    and simply repeat someone else’s arguments. The main goal of this assignment is to get you to
    develop a clear and sustained argument that links some aspect of your life to a select range of
    broader sociological themes and issues.
    APA style should be used in your paper. Numerous online guides on APA style are available
    for you to consult, and I will provide some to you closer to the deadline.
    Final papers will be submitted online. Click on the “Assignments” tab, then on the “Essay” link
    in order to upload your paper. If you have a Turnitin account from another course, please be
    sure not to submit it there. Submit it on the Sakai site for THIS course.
    NB: When submitting attachments, students should only use these file types: Word 97-2003
    (.doc), Word 2007+ (.docx), Excel (.xls, .xlsx), PowerPoint (.pps, .ppsx, .ppt, .pptx), PDF
    (.pdf), PostScript (.eps, .ps), plain text (.txt), HTML (.htm, .html), WordPerfect (.wpd),
    OpenOffice (.odt), rich text (.rtf), Hangul (.hwp).
    For those of you seeking greater clarity about this assignment, you may pose questions about
    the essay in group forum between November 1 – 7, and we will reserve time in forums from
    Nov. 29 – Dec. 3 for last-minute brainstorming and problem-solving related to the essay. You
    may also talk directly to the instructor about the essay during one of his online of

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