May 11, 2022 Uncategorized

What is History Discussion


One challenge in the study of history is finding relevant, personal connections with the material.  That is, how do we connect our own lives with an investigation into American history? 

Keep that in mind as you address the following questions:

In your own words, define history.  What is history, and why is it important to know history, or is it important?

How does your own past – your own personal history – inform how you define history? Feel free to treat this question as an invitation to offer a brief history of yourself.

  • Somewhere in your essay, explain how your life has been impacted by the events of American history. By which events, and in which ways, have you been impacted? Name at least two.

Finally, as we will discuss this semester, historians choose what to include and what not to include in their writings and interpretations.  Do you think you have done this in this paper – including some aspects of yourself and excluding others?  Explain.

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