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What is nonverbal communication?

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  • What is nonverbal communication? Identify and describe the role that each of the following play: facial expressions; eye contact; bodily movements; touching. In your opinion, which one plays a greater role? Support your response
  • Discuss what social psychologists have uncovered about facial expressions, microexpressions and deception. 
  • Define the term attribution and explain each of the following theories of attribution: theory of corespondent interference; Kelley’s theory of causal attributions; fundamental attribution error; the actor-observer effect; the self-serving bias
  • Discuss several examples of how attribution and the attribution errors might influence feelings of depression. Provide a personal example of when this may have occurred in your life.
  • Define impression formation and provide several examples of variables that tend to influence our formulation of impressions
  • Discuss the tactics for impression management such as self-enhancement and other enhancement. Do you believe these tactics can alter/modify an initial impression? Support your response

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