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Why is youtube so succesful


After you have chosen a topic to explore for analysis, read and annotated ten sources that you think you could reasonably use as sources for the research paper.

These sources should come from a variety of publications, most of which should be found in the WC Library and online resource databases. You may use one or two sources from the internet, like an online article or an interview, but avoid fact sheets, listicles, advertisements, fringe websites as a reliable source of information, or other dubious and unlinked information online.

You should use sources that have clear editorial accountability. Mainstream news sources like the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Texas Observer, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, or any accountable organization are acceptable. This is because they have lawyers, fact-checkers, and editors to ensure accuracy and reliability. When a story is not reliable, they will publically retract it, which adds to the integrity of the organization. If you can’t track an editorial chain of command, the source is dubious and should be regarded as unreliable.


  1. Find ten reliable sources with a good balance of mainstream reporting and academic studies
  2. Document each source in MLA 8th edition
  3. Write an evaluative annotation of each source that is between 150 – 300 words long. The annotation should follow the suggestions in The Little Seagull W-14 (75 – 77).
  4. Alphabetize the list. Do not add bullet points or numbers

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