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Why the Media Should Not Replay Viral Videos

Why the Media Should Not Replay Viral Videos of Black Men Being Killed Video Q&A


As you watch this video, consider and be ready to discuss the following (take notes/write brief answers and post them through the homework link above. It is okay for your answers to be brief or bullet points. You just need to have some in-depth analysis ideas to share in class):

  1. What supports are offered to prove the thesis of the video? Thesis = The media should not replay videos of black men and women being killed by police or vigilantes because, while they may serve a role in bringing justice, they also contribute to the dehumanization of black people. Consider both the words and the images in the video as you answer this question.
  2. What counter-arguments or audience questions/concerns are incorporated into the argument? How are they responded to? Consider what you learned about counter-argument (last class).
  3. Discuss a couple of specific argument moves that you think are effective. Consider the words, images, and sound in the video. You also need to consider who the audience is to evaluate effectiveness: this video was published by The Washington Post, so the audience is primarily 30s and above, well educated, and liberal leaning.
  4. Analyze Multimodality: Use what you learned from the textbook reading (pages 90-111) to describes and analyzes the rhetorical effect of three of the following elements of the video (per the instructions on page 108 of the textbook):
    1. Color
    2. Images/People
    3. Framing
    4. Music/Sound
    5. Lighting
    6. Movement
    7. Included Text
  5. How could the argument be improved? Keep the audience and traits of an effective argument in mind when answering this question.

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