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Women’s History- answer the questions provided

During the 1930s, the United States joined the rest of the world in an international Great Depression. For women of color, the Great Depression hit fast and hard. In 1929, 40% of African American women and girls were in the workforce. By 1931, more than 25% of these women had lost their jobs. As the depression intensified, 50% of African American women had lost their jobs while about 30% of white women had lost their jobs. And so women “made do” and took whatever jobs they could get. All the while women’s wages were about half the wages of men.

Also, some laws barred married women from certain jobs and many state and local governments refused to employ married women. Why? During the 1930s public opinion was that all available jobs should go to men rather than married women (notion of men as breadwinner in the family). And yet, the number of married women workers increased during the 1930s.

For example, during the Great Depression photographer Dorthea Lange worked for the Farm Security Administration to photograph and document the difficult conditions displaced Americans experienced. Photographs ranged from the living conditions of agricultural workers in the American West and American South to bread lines in cities. Dorthea Lange’s best known work is Migrant Mother (1936), an iconic symbol of the Great Depression in the United States.

In this module, we will study Dorthea Lange’s Migrant Mother. You will have the opportunity to “read” or interpret the image. Why do you think this image has become the iconic image of the iconic image of the Great Depression?

By the end of this module, students should be able to:

Discuss women’s experiences during the Great Depression
Compare Dorthea Lange’s work creating documentary photography with the Farm Security Administration during the Great Depression and the Office of War Information during World War II
Describe the historical significance of Dorthea Lange’s Migrant Mother

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