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Wonder Making & Philosophical Wonder Hero of Alexandria

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I’m working on a history multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Reading: “Wonder-making and philosophical wonder” by Tybjerg (available on Blackboard)

Instructions: Read the assigned text through carefully. The following questions are meant to help focus your attention as you wade through the academic language. We will be discussing these questions together in class, so give them a bit of thought.

1) What is Tybjerg’s argument in this article, and what evidence does she use to support it? Who is Heron, whom Tybjerg mentions a lot in this article?

2) How does the inclusion of wonder-making devices, and the philosophical principle of wonder in general, bring Heron’s mechanics from the practical to the theoretical?

3) How does the epistemology of the “knower” and the “unknowing” come into play in Heron’s mechanics? (See page 451.)

4) How might Heron have argued that mechanical displays were more useful than philosophical debates or arguments?1 attachments

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