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Writing The Garden Party Literature Questions

Question Description

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Answer the following questions related about the story:

  1. What do you think the end of the story means. When Laura sobs and hugs her brother, Laurie (Laurie is a boy, Laura is a girl) and says “Isn’t it marvelous” — what has effected her so much? What does she mean? How do you interpret the ending of this story?
  2. Find two passages that describe two different settings in the story. Find one passage that describes the Sheridan’s own setting. Find another passage that describes the neighboring community. Think about how the way the settings are described reflect the opinions and prejudices of the Sheridan family.
    • Quote each passage.
    • Explain, in your own words, what the passage is saying.
    • Interpret how the language and imagery of the passage reveals the prejudices and blindness of the Sheridan’s point of view.

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